How a ya!

What's the craic?

Thanks for visiting this satirical take on Ireland's 'new' saints. My name is Valerie Vetter. I live in Dublin, Ireland and am one of those hybrid children whose Mammy emigrated to the USA, married a Yank, had me and then decided to bring the family back home. I've always loved Catholic iconography and wondered what would it be like to make some new saints especially for a new secular Ireland.

Please feel free to send any suggestions of 'saints' you'd like to see or if you'd like me to create one of you, a family member or a friend!

Meanwhile, I'll be adding to the list of modern Irish Icons all the time so sign up to our email list to hear about new saints and to receive special offers and updates.

I also have Irish Slanguage mugs and t-shirts. Irish people have a unique way of speaking with a long and proud tradition of the Irish Slanguage! I'll be adding to them too ...

go raibh mile maith agat


New Irish Icons - St Bertie, St Bono and St Panti